"Sortilèges" by Alexandra Von Fuerst for Numéro #198 April 2018

 Alexandra Von Fuerst is the Italian-born, London-based photographer whose work focusses on the female body and its perception. “The body in my photographs connects with its surroundings, sometimes towards the limits of its boundaries, reaching into abstraction, other times simply embracing its most human aspect,” says Alexandra.


"My work combines a strong interest in art with fashion and beauty, in an exploration of femininity and of the textural aspect of nature. The production is inspired by contemporary performance art, painting and sculpture, blending an attentiveness for form with a celebration of both surreal and earthly fantasies. The photographs reflect my curiosity, my desires and obsessions, lead by an attraction to the imperfect detail of perfect nature. The appeal of the human form and its perception are at the centre of my production." she claims.
 This relationship between subject and space is apparent across her body of work and her latest editorial "Sortilèges" for Numéro.

Model: Greta Varlese
Photographer: Alexandra Von Fuerst
Fashion Editor: Irina Marie
Hair: Philippe Tholimet
Make Up: Rebecca Wordingham

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