SS18 report part 3 - seven collections you can't forget about

The ‘fashion month’ ended some time ago, but was full of headline-grabbing moments, debuts and innovations. In my last 3rd part of SS18 recap I want to talk about collections you simply can't forget about.

1. Louis Vuitton

Ghesquière said, “I thought anachronism was interesting. How today can we incorporate pieces considered as costume into an everyday wardrobe?”


“I wanted to be optimistic. It was just this sense of joy and life force. It felt like a celebration. I thought, If there’s anything to say at the moment, let it be with love and let it be joyful.” Philo said.

3. Loewe

She’s a traveling woman, “a bit more bohemian,” Jonathan Anderson was saying backstage. “She's broken out of her domestic space and she’s freer.”

4. Marni

According to Francesco Risso, the inspiration came from “two English gardens as seen by Tim Burton . . . with candies”—which is an elliptical reference to Willy Wonka and the imagination room that lies at the heart of the fictional chocolate maker’s factory.

5. Christian Dior

Maria Grazia Chiuri has her mind set on infusing her feminist sensibilities into the feminine house of Christian Dior. On one hand, her mission is lofty; on the other hand, it’s pragmatic and down-to-earth. Yes, women can be both!

6. J.W. Anderson

"Media makes us hysterical. We have to go back to what we know to be humanly grounded," said Jonathan Anderson, speaking to three-deep ranks of the world's fashion media. In a way, his Spring show was an exercise in mindfulness—what is more fashionable than that? 

7. Dries Van Noten

“We always say that fashion is a reflection of our times,” said Dries Van Noten, giving a huge shrug. “Well, maybe that’s enough of that! Let’s do something optimistic, enjoy things—and really go for it!”

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