White Shoe Obsession

Are you craving for a new pair of shoes, but not sure which one to choose?
Go for white! 
The most unexpected color for fall, yet the most fashionable. 
True, you will swear a lot when it comes to cleaning, but who cares when perfect autumn look is guaranteed?
Below you can find guide which help you to choose the very best white shoes of the season.

Kitten Heels Shoes, buy if:

- you are looking for the hottest fall shape
- want your feet survive very long day
- wish your silhouette looks slimmer & lighter

Cowboy Shoes, buy if:

- you are the fan of "The Magnificent Seven"
- aren't afraid of strange looks on the street
- like mixing styles & decades 

Dr Martens Shoes, buy if:

- comfort is more important than anything else
- you are more grunge girl than a Barbie type
- you aren't afraid your white shoes get dirty

Pumps, buy if:

- you are more Barbie type than a grunge girl
- know classics never go out of style
- like wearing socks with everything

Ankle Boots, buy if:

- you always feel cold
- need shoes that go both with pants and dresses
- want to have it all - look fashionable, feel comfortable

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