Fall trends according to fashion editors

So here it comes - Fall! Wanted or not, days are shorter, nights are colder and stores are full of what's so called "new collection". But what to buy? I went across top fashion magazines and their falls' editorials and it's pretty much obvious on what you should spend money this September.

1. Florals for fall? Grounbreaking!
Mostly thanks to Demna Gvasalia, who pushed them on both, his own brand, Vetements and Balenciaga, where he is a Creative Director. Flower dresses are absolutely must have for fall.

 2. Dots
Dots are in and out. And this season they are absolutely in. Presented in a very graphic way, mostly black on white backround. Very visible, rather big, looking great on transparent fabrics.

 3. Color Blocking
Yes, color blocking again. Abandoned few years ago this trend has big come back this season. But you have to know which colors to block! Main rules - cold colors together, warm colors together. Perfect will look yellow and blue, pink and purple or orange and red. Just take a look below.

4. Grunge Goth
Something for black fans now. Mix of goth and grunge culture, sometimes more minimalistic sometimes over the top. Choose what you like the most.

5. Hats
Hats, caps, berets, scarves, actually whatever you have available. More avantgarde and eccentric better for you and your fashion statement.

6. Men's suit
Old school men's suits are absolutely everywhere! Oversized blazers, small checked pattern in brown or grey. That's the key to most hot silhouette of the season.

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