Pre Fall 2017 - My Favorites Looks

There is one, common trend for Pre Fall 2017 collections - maximalism - more is more. Everything should be too big, too colorful, too much.
Silver - silver pants, silver skirts, silver shoes match with bright, vivid colors.
Statement earrings - Three words: big, bold, layered.
Layering - layer dress over pants and knitwear under it. It's never too much, don't be afraid of colors, textures. 
Ruffles - ruffled sleeves, legs, collars. Just ruffled it!
Print on print - when one print was ever enough? Printed should be shoes, socks, pants, blouse, blazer, scarf and bag. And yes, all of it in one outfit! Florals, stripes, dots, doesn't matter, here really are no rules.
Lilac, red, blue, pink, orange - bright colors are great for fall. You can wear head to toe, mix together, or wear with natural beige or grey tones.

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