Streetstyle stars do it better

Basics, must haves, hot trends, are you looking for inspiration how to wear them? The best tips&tricks literally are laying on the street.

1. Black & White

This combo never goes out of style. You just have to know how to refresh it. Dots, ruffles or mixed of few black & white prints are on the top of my list.

2. Oversized Blazer

Less is more. Oversized blazer looks great with straight pants and simple T-shirt. Wearing suits is not wrong either.

3. Denim

Oh denim, denim, denim. Love of my life. Try to go either wider or shorter (read: cropped). Match denim with your silhouette is a key to success.

4. Dress Over Pants

My favorite trend for upcoming season. Very easy and very comfortable. No rules apply. Just simply wear your faves dress and pants together!

5. Printed Tee

Thanks to models they have big come back right now. So if you still have tacky T-shirt with some boysband from the 90's is the best time to wear it. Again.

6. Turquoise

Dying your hair maybe is too much, but dress or skirt will give a nice touch of color to your closet.

7. Outfit Coordinated

Here is a catch. You need your crazy BFF to achieve the look. Don't waist your time and call her straight away, or actually Facetime will work better.

8. Go Nude

Not naked, NUDE. Color of the season, I truly believed even more than one. Started by Carrie Bradshaw and her naked dress on the bus, this trend continues over the years and have reached the top now. Liked or not it has some natural, simple beauty in it.

9. Or Go Red.

Head to toe reminds me of Austrian Airlines stewardess however definitely I'm going to try. Touch of red works good as well. Colors to match with? White and blue always looks good. Green can be great, just be careful not to look like xmas tree. Pink will look hot as well.

10. Is It Lace?

Tights, jacket or LBD in black lace look unexpected, sexy, fresh and hot. Is nothing to not like about this one.

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