No more festival look!

This year on my blog I will not write even a word about festival style. I say yes to Coachella but no to festival look! I think we all have enough floral crowns, fringes, destroyed shorts, crop tops and all festival must haves.

What other option do we have? Actually a lot! Prints are coming back, designer collection for summer 2016 season were full of african and asian inspirations, then multicolor stripes, ruffles and for lazy one - pajamas. See below my collage and wear this summer anything but festival look!

Sporty looks aside, there are those that speak quite beautifully about the outdoors, with army prints and khaki pants, shapes and colors meant to be checking out the jungles of the African wild.

So many pajama sets are tailored to perfection, so why not wear them outside the bedroom? Look for luxe silk fabric or tapered pant styles for the most modern look. Remember less is more.

Take inspiration from the far east to update your wardrobe. Think clean lines, intricate draping and floral prints. The result? A sleek, modern, elegant look.

Classic stripes get an update this season in a spectrum of colors. Whether you reach for a statement coat or stock up on knit tanks to pair with your favorite denim, brighten up your wardrobe with wide and bold stripes this season.

This season, patchwork has gone even bigger and bolder by way of microprints and patterns. Look for skirts and dresses with bright colors and ditsy floral prints.

This season, wear your ruffles soft and loose, cascading in tiers and falling in gathers. Whether in suede, silk, or raffia, let the fabric dictate the shape of this ultra-feminine detail.

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