Hanne Gaby Odiele - her off duty

Belgian-born model is well-known for her eclectic dress sense. “Clothing is a celebration of self-expression,” Hanne says. “It is one of the best ways to translate how you feel on the inside, or perhaps to shield you from the outside. With clothing, you can become anyone, especially these days when we are pushing the boundaries beyond gender and cultural expectations.” The model is as famous for her unrelenting presence on street style blogs she is for her frenetic energy on set. One of Odiele’s style trademarks is her fanny pack, which she took to draping across her back long before the look became a trend. “Personally, I don’t always like carrying a handbag—they are more cumbersome and less functional,” she says. “Accessories can really pull a look together and help translate an idea. But sometimes, less is more and a lack of accessories can be as powerful as wearing one.” Odiele’s outré look is earnest—the bricolage of vintage and designer pieces is what she wears off duty. The secret to Odiele’s wardrobe? Never planning or having a checkout goal in mind. It’s that kind of open-mindedness that inspires some of her most creative looks. The outfits that “take the least amount of time and just fall into place are usually the ones that end up being my favorite.”  She consistently shaking up the usual off-duty-model uniform of calculated casual. "If you’re going to dress a certain way, you need to own it. Wear the outfit; do not let it wear you.”

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