How I know 80's are back? 8 undeniable facts

If summer was all about the 1970s revival, J.W.Anderson, Loewe, Moschino and many others turned a page in history for winter, with the '80s comeback packed with bright looks punctuated with touches of Lurex, patent leather, quilting, vinyl and velvet. Below 8 reasons why the eighties are officially back.


Before they were instant indicators of tourists, they were practical and stylish. Where else would you keep spare change to use the payphone? Since most of them were made from synthetic fabrics like nylon and ripstop, they were also appropriately trendy. 
Now you can see them made from leather, canvas with gold or silver finish. Belt bags are ideal when you're traveling, at a concert, or somewhere that you really want to be hands free. Whether you opt for new or vintage, the belt-bag's tenure is only just beginning.


Every other person remembers these hilarious tees. In the '80s they were ubiquitous, as the graphic tee rose in prominence. Whether they were like Stiles' memorable "What Are You Looking At Dicknose?" tee in 1985's Teen Wolf, or more politically-charged like Katherine Hamnett's 1983 campaign, they became more and more of a fashion staple. 
Nowadays there are many ways to make a statement with fashion, but one of the coolest way to express yourself is through a clever graphic tee. The look is a go-to for celebrities, and the t-shirt you pick can say volumes about your personality, your mood or what you care about most.


Bolder and louder than the average hairtie, scrunchies took the basic elastic band to the next level. Whether done up in sparkly fabric or just simple solid colors, they not only kept side ponies and long hair in check, they doubled as wrist accessories.
The '80s phenomenon is back in a big way, with designers like Marc Jacobs and Missoni working luxe versions into their collections. Jennifer Aniston's stylist recently told that he "loves a scrunchie."


Door-knockers were everywhere in the '80s, from pop stars like Debbie Gibson and Madonna, to the girl next door. It was the ideal earring for the time of excess, it was loud, clunky, and screamed at everyone within a two feet radius to look at your ears.
One of the biggest jewelry trends is back on spring 2016 runways. Big, bold, colorful, and over-the-top danglers stole the shows at Oscar de la Renta, Rosie Assoulin, and Gucci.


Rappers like Eric B. and Rakim loved Gucci. Who could forget how everyone went apeshit over Gucci sweatshirts too? Good thing Harlem's own Dapper Dan was busy finding the illest fabrics and putting in countless hours of work to make sure hip-hop's finest stayed looking fly.
Now Gucci is in the process of a full revitalization. Italian luxury brand is anticipating that personnel change (new creative director Alessandro Michele) can aid in rebranding Gucci product line to once again, propel to the top of the luxury fashion industry. 


Bodybuilding was as huge as the dudes who were really into it. To accompany that, they often rocked tank tops and muscle tees to show off the guns. 
Today everyone from luxury fashion house to high street labels have their own sport line. On trend is not only to be in shape, but also to have fashionable sportswear.


Going on with the trends that never fade away, you can’t miss out the animal prints! Name an animal, and chances are its hide has been converted into an article of clothing in the '80s. Snakeskin, zebra print, and leopard were notorious for appearing on pants, jackets, and everything in between.
Nowadays they are suitable for the ladies, who are really confident and bold enough to sport such looks.


Shortly after the miniskirt came into fashion prominence, dads everywhere began collectively asking their daughters incredulously: "You're going out like that?!"
Miniskirts ruled the runways again. The short and sweet style landed in the Blumarine, Miu Miu, Anthony Vacarello, and Coach collections and each style had its own unique twist. Dads will again asked the same questions as in the 80's.

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