Olsen Twins

As they won CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award for The Row this week I decided unveil their style secrets. Meet closer the Olsen twins. It may seem like an old trend, but Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are two people that everyone still wants to dress like.

Layering, layering, layering - no matter what season we have many layers always surrounding Olsen twins

Black, black, black - Olsen twins are known for dressing in somber colors
Big accessories - a big trendy bag and oversized sunglasses looks amazing with their hair 
tied back
Retro jewelry - old earings or necklace always look perfect with their minimalist dresses
Dark eyes makeup and bright lipstick - the black eyeliner pairs perfectly with the somber colors of their wardrobe, tying the entire look together

Illustarions by Hayden Willams.

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