fall "must haves" you can buy now

Sale starts, ocean of discounts, river of great offers, but how to buy to not get lost? How many times have you bought third the same dress, too small skirt, old-fashioned shoes? Sale period is great, but first make a list "to buy things". The smartest way is to check "must haves" for next season. This way you can buy, in good price, essentials for upcoming months. I did this list for you, 9 absolutely necessary items you will need to have this fall. Take a look on styling on the catwalk. How you will wear those essentials are also very important!

Long shirt dress - Wear extra long shirt dress with a mini skirt or carwash pleats skirt and let this tail fly!

Mini skirt - Show off your legs, silhouette is youthful and flattering.

One shoulder dress - You truly need only one sleeve. Choose chic, evening dress but wear it as a grunge girl, mixed with heavy necklace and boots.

Oversized gemstones jewelry - After seasons of oversized jewelry with minimal design, very feminine, sparkly jewelry have made a return. Wear both, big necklace and earring, at the same time. Also great looks gemstones necklace worn on grandma sweater.

White turtleneck - Turtlenecks are the new tees. Replace your white t-shirt with turtlenecks, which is great layering piece that will keep you warm.

Midi skirt - Choose neutral, earth colors. Pleats and leather are very welcome. During fall you will wear midi with everything from tops to oversized knitwear.

High waisted pants - It's not just a high waist, it's an exaggerated silhouette that results in the look of long, lean legs and a teeny tiny mid-section.

White lace dress - Lace can take on different meanings depends on what you wear it with. For fall it will be a Victoriana look with velvet blazer and black boots. 

Black choker - Worn with everything from a casual sweater dress to a full-on gown, choker is the one item that can transition very easily between all outfit occasions.

And at the end few tips what absolutely you shouldn't buy during sale:
- items not in your size. You will not loose weight in one week and reworking can be more expensive than item itself
- destroy pieces. Especially at the end of sale many pieces are destroyed, no buttons, ripped hem, etc. It's not worth to buy stuff and repair it.
- prints. Prints are very carefully chosen for each season and after a while they become too characteristic. For next months designers choose something completely different. I'm sure you won't want wear old-fashioned prints.

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