Patchwork it!

Denim on denim outfits... how many times we saw that! I've got really bored with all this "new" way of wearing denim... Cut out, washed out, grey, blue, dungarees, skirts, shirts... bleahhh... 

However, lately I had crushed on patchwork! That's something, no, not new, interesting. I like all different shades of blues mixed in one. This trend can work really good in festival or boho combinations. I browsed Internet to look for patchwork pieces and I found a lot of them, available for every wallet size! Also a lot you can do by yourself. Go to your closet, choose old denim pants, shirts, whatever and cut, sew, cut again. You can easily create your very own patchowork item!

Below I presented few ways how to wear patchowork trend and some of many options which I found online, from the most expensive to really affordable. Get inspired! 

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