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Anja Rubik has a gift to combine tomboyish and sexy clothes and to always achieve amazing but natural look. She has nonchalant finesse to mix clothes and it's not about her great body or designer labels - it's all about style. I took closer look at what she has in her wardrobe and how she mix it. You will quickly see that we all have the same wardrobe essentials and it's all about right combination. Let's see that together:

White shirt is undeniable base. You should have at least one, but let's be honest five is also a good number. You can wear it anytime and mix with anything. White shirt always provides stunning effect.

Anja loves them. But take a look on their length. That's important! Her leather pants have ankle length thanks to shoes are always visible. And its not heavy boots, she combine those pants with sandals or stilletos. Cool and sexy.

Anja has a lots of coats. This one is great for spring, especialy in this season when 70's are back and boho style is queen of the streets!

She mix oversized shirts always in the same way: big top, small bottom. Always put shirt inside the bottom! You can wear short or mini but if your legs are not so amazing you can wear skinny jeans instead. Effect will be the same. And of course high heels! Like this you are "oversized" up and your legs are skinny and sexy.

That's another essential piece that each of us have. Of course it doesn't have to be coat, biker jacket is great as well and Anja also has a lot of them. Here I want to show you how she mix the same leather biker in different styling. In the morning with shirt and skinny jeans, to work with midi skirt and for evening with dress. Each time looking enviable.

Sunglasses are irreplaceable. Anja has weakness to the round one. They are very hot this summer, but be careful when you choose them. This shape is not for everybody!

Another coat, this time classic beige one. Great for in between season. Never go out of style.  

Maxi dress is must have of the season. Perfect for holidays or summer in the city and another great thing about it - this season maxi dress cannot be close to body. You can really relax and enjoy beach!

As you propably realize Anja loves shirts. Check one as well, there is no exception.

Finally! I've already mention them few times, so now I can write a bit more. Destroyed, with zippers, jeans or leather. More are better. We all love them. They are easy, comfortable and go with really everything. Even if this season they give place for the flair one let's be honest - we will always wear skinny jeans! 

Oversized coat is great for winter from one reason - you can wear under a lot of layers or heavy knitwear and always feel warm. And that's the most important during cold winter.

Oversized knitwear is like oversized coat - warm and cozy. Yes, and fashion too.

Blazer is another wardrobe's essential. Anja chose shiny one thanks to she can wear it casual - with black top and pants or for the evening - with elegant dress and high heel. Two outfits - one blazer.

This styling trick Anja borrowed from Hedi Slimane first show for Saint Laurent, proving that is great not only for runway.

Anja also for big events keeps the same rules - short, sharp and sexy. We love her for fearless attitude and no-fuss approach to hair and make-up.

"Anja is also the host and a judge on Project Runway Poland. She takes the job seriously, calling in the clothes she wears on the show herself, and crafting each episode’s outfit with a lot of care and thought, sometimes matching her look to the particular week’s project, other times wearing clothes quite close to her own personal style, and occasionally going utterly over-the-top in haute couture." -

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