marc by marc jacobs f/w 2014/15

Girl power! There was something so fiercely ninja-pop-militant about the presentation that girl power was the irresistible takeaway. In the recent past, MBMJ's shows have been a neutral parade of girls and boys in vintage-inflected schmatta. New designers, Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier ditched the boys. We all know girls rule the world. It was back to MBMJ kicky roots. 
The show felt like a consummation of the spirit that underpins the entire Marc Jacobs enterprise. The first look—a soldier in Marc's fashion army—was accessorized with pigtails and a single tear streaking the model's cheek. Instantly defiant/romantic, it set the tone for the rest of the show. If some outfits looked Bolshevik apparatchik, others had the knife-pleated, crinolined flair of a Dickens chick, wrapped in a bow. Urchin girls! The poignancy of such creatures gave MBMJ an edgy new life. So did the solid-soled trainers. Attitude starts from the ground up. And this collection had attitude in fabulous spades.


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