"uniform response" Vogue Japan January 2014 by Maurizio Bavutti

Magda Laguinge stars as a modern-day snow white in the "Uniform Response" editorial for the Vogue Japan January 2014 issue. With her choppy ebony haircut, alabaster skin and wine stained lips Laguinge is an edgier, more dangerous version of the fairy tale princess. 

Rather than the floaty dresses associated with princesses, fashion editor Jaime Kay Waxman placed Laguinge in a wardrobe of camouflage and stripes in a wintery palette.

Laguinge offers photographer Maurizio Bavutti her wide eyes and sumptuous, blood-red pout and though she is highly expressive, it's impossible to tell exactly what she's thinking, lending the shoot an electrifying-yet-mysterious vibe. 

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