ugly beautiful

Fashion is not beautiful. At least I don't like use word "beautiful" when it comes to talk about fashion. Great - yes, cool - definitely, amazing - for sure, but "beautiful", no this would be lie. Fashion is strange, surprising, stunning, ugly. Yes, ugly. Most of the people like wear "nice" clothes, but some small percentage on this world is wearing fashion products, for the record those are fashion lovers not fashion victims. And those 10 maybe 20% of people will now understand my joy of, how I called them, tractor shoes. Seen on the greatest runways like Prada, Stella McCartney or Chanel, they are the real must have of the season! I cannot tell you right now are they comfortable (some people have doubts) but they are definitely the winner of f/w 13/14 catwalks. And they are perfect to keep right proportion of silhouette - men's coat, cropped trouser and tractor shoes. So nothing more left  like just take some inspo and go shopping! 

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