prada spring summer 2014

Miuccia Prada with her spring ssummer 2014 collection makes a feminist statement: "I want to inspire women to struggle," she said, after a show that will be hard to beat as the season's high point.
The last time feminism enjoyed any popular currency might have been with the Riot Grrrls in the early nineties. Miuccia picked up on the tribalism of that concept. Her models were girl gangs, the street/sport element of the collection also had a gang element. And the murals against which the show took place—multi-visions of womanhood—echoed the political street art of L.A., Mexico, and South America. Images from those murals were picked up for use on the clothes and accessories.
Nevertheless, there was a strong artistic element in the show. The way the clothes were infected by the mural art energized them. Miuccia's women are ready to kick ass and rule. 

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