"wow" shooting

It was wow...it's so easy to make it wow when you have: a great idea, a willing to create, amazing dreadlocks model and tones of clothes. For last 8 hours I was a stylist, pyrotechnics and a bodypainter. Soon you will have a pleasure to see all but now small preview.

One more time I would like to thanks: # Arkadiusz Jankowski Photography (for always amazing ideas and work on the highest level), # Studio 44 (that doesn't afraid of fire, flares and crazy people), # Magdalena Giszterowicz (for always perfect make up), #Daria from Gaga Models (for freshness and awsome dreadlocks of course) and last but not least # Dagmara Matyas (for helping in creating this wonderful outfts and adding your black spirit inside).

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