Paris is burning

Girl just wanna have fun. Fun which mean Fascinating, Unforgettable, Night. Night full of surprises and unexpected moments. Like this night. First very hot with dry air and no wind at all, later with big thunderstorm and rain. Sometimes she wait months to experience something great, sometimes she needs just one night to change all her life. 
Girl just wanna have fun. Fun which mean Friendly, Unique, Nonsmoker place where she can be herself. Without faking smile and gesture. She wears what she likes and she goes across the street. If the place is cool, the people are cool. If people are good, the time will be good.
Girl just wanna have fun. Fun which doesnt mean Fuck Using Narcotics. Stereotypes do not allow u to think clear. U are not able to explain your view without using stereotypes, don't u? Look out! Paris is burning because people like u.

photo: Arkadiusz Jankowski

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